Creating Premiere Ice Rink Destinations

Ice Rink Concepts creates one-of-a-kind rink destinations, specialising in venues located at the heart of premier shopping malls and commercial property developments. IRC is a unique design and operations consultancy offering expertise in master planning, ice technologies, interior design, project management consulting, and the operations experience to help developers create successful showcase rinks.

Ice Rink Concepts (IRC) was created in Hong Kong by Ted Wilson, the founder of the Ice Skating Institute of Asia and a legendary figure in the development of ice rink projects in the region. Alex Yeung is an Executive Director of IRC who is responsible for overall business management and a project leader. From numerous successful rink experience, IRC brings an unmatched set of expertise of facilitate the most demanding, dynamic and creative projects.

Integrated Consulting

Creating Great Rinks
A Unique Design and Operations Consultancy

IRC provides a really awesome comprehensive consulting services to ensure rink design, technology and operations are all in alignment with business planning.