Phase 1 Concept Design
Feasibility study
Concept Development
Design Briefs
Preliminary Specifications
Business Plan
Phase 2 Design & Implementation
Final Design Briefs, Specifications, Business Plan
Detailed Development Schedule
Vendor Recommendations
Tender Review & Analysis
Construction & Installation Reviews
Project Management Reviews & Oversight
Management Team Selection & Training
Operations Budget
Marketing Plan
>> Rink Opening <<
Phase 3 Operation Reviews
Monitor, Assess and Audit Operations
Through Year Two of Operations
From Concept to Completion
& Through Year Two of Operations

Our partnership is long term, reaching right from original concept development on through the second year of operations. This continued commitment provides continuity in all decisions throughout the process of development.

Our services break down into three primary phases - Concept Design, Detail Design and Implementation, and post-opening Operation Reviews.

The first phase allows all parties to understand the scale, scope and business objectives of the rink prior to further implementation. We confirm the direction of the rink business and how it fits contextually into the development as a whole.

During Design and Implementation, the second phase, we finalize all briefs, specifications and business plans, provide direction to all appointed designers and the project management team, and review construction. We ensure details are being attended to and that all decisions along the way are in keeping with operation needs in support of the business plan.

We also help put the right management team in place, provide staff training, and develop and help implement marketing plans, making sure they provide synergy for the development as a whole.

Finally, we follow up for two years after opening by conducting biannual reviews to ensure things are running smoothly and according to plan.

Creating Great Rinks
A Unique Design and Operations Consultancy

IRC provides a really awesome comprehensive consulting services to ensure rink design, technology and operations are all in alignment with business planning.